After 16 years in our wonderful REBECCA COLLINS store, we regret to inform you that as of April 16, 2011 our location in Preston Center Plaza, Dallas TX is being demolished to make way for a new public library.

Rebecca is definitely still creating, and developing new ideas, wearable art... her specialty! The company sells to a few selected stores in the US, and we do a few private shows upon request in many cities, just as Rebecca did in the beginning of her career.

We have been booking shows in other towns all over the country, with out-of-town fans, so if you think you would enjoy having a show, call Charlie Webster at 214-987-1160

Charlie will meet you to show you the latest creations if you are in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Don't hesitate to call.

Email Charlie Webster
Email Rebecca Collins

Rebecca Collins Ltd.
Phone: 214-987-1160

Return Policy:
10 days upon receipt, original condition.
See receipt for return address.

Jewelry Also available at Susan Saffron Jewelry
Inwood Village
5550 W. Lovers Lane Suite # 149

Cathryn Miller, Inc.
Contacts: Cathy Miller, Blake Miller
(859) 269-2790
821 Chinoe Road
Lexington, KY 40502

Rebecca's Web Repair Policy
We are happy to repair anything purchased on our site. But, if you have a piece of Rebecca's jewelry which was purchased elsewhere, it must be returned for repair through the location where it was bought. Thank you for understanding. So many earrings, so little time!